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Inken Reimer

Student Assistant

Inken Reimer studied Urban Planning at HafenCity University as well as Spatial Planning at Blekinge Institute of Technology. She is currently enrolled in the M.Sc. Program Urban Planning at HafenCity University. Her research focus lies in planning and studying qualitative open spaces. Since May 2018 she is working as a student assistant at the CityScienceLab and supports the project SmartSquare.

Contact: inken.reimer(at)hcu-hamburg.de

Yuxiang Zhang

Research Associate

Yuxiang Zhang studied architecture and urban planning at Tsinghua University and TU Berlin and has worked at CHORA Conscious City Lab, MAD architects, and Li Xiaodong Atelier. He is currently developing web-based systems for data-driven social planning and urban knowledge dissemination at the CityScienceLab, HCU.

Contact: Yuxiang.zhang(at)hcu-hamburg.de

Oliver Behncke

Research Associate

Oliver Behncke studied Environmental Sciences at Leuphana University Lüneburg (Diplom) as well as Applied Computer Science at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences and Victoria University Wellington (B.Sc.). He worked as a software developer in the fields of backend applications, data transformation, and web applications for several years, before joining CityScienceLab in January 2017 as a research assistant.

Contact: oliver.behncke(at)hcu-hamburg.de

Jan Behrens

Research Associate

Jan Behrens studied Digital Media in Bremen and graduated in the International Cartography Master programme at TU Munich, TU Vienna and TU Dresden. He has also worked as a software developer for several years. He is experienced with programming for rich internet applications, web mapping, usability engineering, and open source methodologies.

Contact: jan.behrens(at)hcu-hamburg.de

Dr. Titusz Bugya

Research Associate

Dr. Titusz Bugya holds a Master's degree in geography from the University of Pécs, Hungary, with a specialization in urban studies and geomorphology. He has a PhD. in Earth Sciences. His main filed (if exists) is the data analysis by statistical and GIS methods, and his academic interests mainly target inter/multi-disciplinary researches. He has publications and cooperations with researchers from various fields of sciences: ecology, clinical sciences, urban studies, earth sciences, regional development.

He has 20 years of experience in higher education, mainly in the field of GIS, process automatization (scripting), cartography and surveying. He is committed to the open-source solutions -- open-source software and open-source data -- in the practice and in the education as well.

Gustavo Brant

Student Assistant

Gustavo is an aspiring Architect and Urban Designer. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from RWTH Aachen University. In between working and studying in Germany, France and Switzerland, he supported the United Nations Program for Human Settlements (UN-Habitat) for the Child Friendly Cities Initiative project Public Spaces for Children in Mozambique. He currently studies Urban Design at the HafenCity University Hamburg, where he is writing his Master's Thesis on "Youth Participation and Self-empowerment through (Digital) Action Research in the Complexo do Alemão, Rio de Janeiro". Since March 2019, Gustavo Brant has been part of the City Science Lab Team. He was a tutor for the seminar Mobilität von morgen - für Städte und Arbeitgeber (The Mobility of Tomorrow - For Cities and Employers) and currently works as student assistant in programming and communication.

Contact: gustavo.brant(at)hcu-hamburg.de

Maria Dauwalter

Research Associate

Maria Dauwalter completed an engineering degree in computer science and mathematics. Since December 2017 she has been a research associate at CityScienceLab. In the project DIPAS (digital participation system) she works on the conception and development of applications for informal citizen participation in planning projects.

Contact: maria.dauwalter(at)hcu-hamburg.de

Lucy Henriques

Student Assistant 

Lucy Henriques studied Architecture and Urban Planning in her Bachelors and Sustainable Construction as a Certificate Program in Brazil. She is currently a candidate of the M.Sc. Program Resource Efficiency in Architecture and Planning (REAP) at the HCU. Over the years, she has acquired experience in diverse urban projects in Brazil, Germany, Egypt and Denmark. Her research focus lies in exploring the interactions between people and the built environment that surrounds them, in order to devise more resource-efficient, human-centered measures. Lucy was part of the CSL-Team as a student assistant from April 2017 to September 2018 at the SmartSquare Project.

Contact: lucy.henriques(at)hcu-hamburg.de

Katrin Hovy

Research Associate

Katrin Hovy studied architecture in Konstanz and Urban Design in Hamburg. During her studies, she worked in urban planning and architecture offices, at the international building exhibition (IBA) Hamburg and as a student assistant at the HCU.  In 2014 she was a scholar at the ‘Brennerei next generation lab’ in Bremen. Since October 2015 she is research assistant at the City Science Lab@HCU.

Contact: katrin.hovy(at)hcu-hamburg.de

Nina Hälker

Research Associate

Nina Hälker studied "Next Media" at the Faculty of Computer Science at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, and Social and Educational Science at the Leuphana University Lüneburg. Before she came to HCU, she worked as editorial assistant at "Mittelweg 36", the journal of the Hamburg Institute for Social Research. Since September 2015 she is research assistant at the City Science Lab@HCU. Her work focuses on urban research at the intersection of social and computational science.

Contact: nina.haelker(at)hcu-hamburg.de

Julia Hellmanns

Student Assistant

Julia Hellmanns studied Geoinformatics at Bochum University of Applied Science. After her Bachelor’s degree in March 2015, she worked in regional planning at the Regionalverband Ruhr in Essen for six month.  Focusing on  geoinformation technology, Julia is currently in the Geomatics master program of HafenCity University Hamburg.  Since March 2016 she supports the City Science Lab in geographic information systems (GIS) and Python programming.

Contact: julia.hellmanns(at)hcu-hamburg.de

Uli Hellweg

Experienced Researcher

Uli Hellweg is an architect and urban planner. He was managing director at “IBA Hamburg GmbH” (International Building Exhibition) from 2006 to 2015. Before, he worked as Managing Director of the public-private development corporation “agora” in Esch-sur-Alzette in Luxemburg and in the public and urban development sector, such as in the municipalities of Berlin and Kassel. Additionally, he has been coordinator of “Urban Renewal in the Berlin district of Tiergarten” and in the International Building Exposition 1984/87. 

Uli Hellweg has given many presentations in Europe, US, Asia and Australia. He is a member of diverse juries in architectural and urban competitions (i.e., Chairman of the international urban competition HafenCity 1999). He has been awarded with the Hünebeckpreis (RWTH Aachen) and with the Sempermedaille des Architekturzentrums Hamburg.

Contact: Uli_Hellweg(at)t-online.de

Tobias Holtz

Research Associate

Tobias Holtz studied Architecture at RWTH Aachen University and Urban Planning at HafenCity University as well as at Istanbul Teknik Üniversitesi (M.Sc.). From April 2017 to September 2018 he was research assistant at the CityScienceLab. His research interests include the socio-cultural impacts of smart city technologies in the field of urban planning. He worked in the interdisciplinary research project SmartSquare, focusing on the revitalization of an inner city square through the implementation of digital cultural services.

Contact: tobias.holtz(at)hcu-hamburg.de

Vanessa Junge

Student Assistant 

Vanessa Junge is in the last year of the Urban Planning Bachelor’s program at HafenCity University. She works for the professorship for Urban Development and Quantitative Methods of Urban and Regional Research, guided by Jörg Pohlan. For nearly two years she has been working for the ResearchPilot (previously known as “StadtLabor”) as a student assistant. Vanessa Junge was also the tutor of a study project, which dealt with demographic change in Hamburg and which was managed by Jörg Pohlan.

Contact: vanessa.junge(at)hcu-hamburg.de

Martin Knura

Student Assistant 
Martin Knura studied geography, political science and computer science at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and wrote his diploma thesis in the field of sustainable tourism. He started his master program in Geomatics at the HCU in Hamburg in October 2016; additionally, he worked until October 2018 at the CityScienceLab as well as for nextMedia Hamburg, the city’s joint initiative for the media- and digital industry. His main focus in Geomatics is Geoinformation Technology.

Contact: martin.knura(at)hcu-hamburg.de

Experienced Researcher

Dieter Läpple is Professor Emeritus for International Urban Development at the HCU and Senior Fellow at the “Metropolitan Policy Program” at the Brookings Institution, Washington. He was, for several years, Head of the Institute of City and Regional Economy at the TU Hamburg-Harburg, and at the HCU. Additionally, he has worked in Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Aix-en-Provence/Marseille and Leiden. For four years, he has been Co-President of the “Scientific Advisory Committee” at the “Future Cities Laboratory” in Singapore. Since 10 years, he has been an advisor and collaborator of the “Urban Age” program at the London School of Economics. In 2007, he was awarded the Building Culture Award by the “BDA Hamburg” (Bund Deutscher Architekten).

Contact: dieter.laepple(at)hcu-hamburg.de

Claus Lucas Letsch

Student Assistant 

Claus Lucas Letsch studies Urban Planning at the HafenCity University since October 2013. He has worked for Prof. Dr. Jörg Pohlan, especially in the field of urban development and the shrinking and growth of cities. Furthermore, he was a tutor for a lecture giving the first-semester students an impression of the topics, methods and work in urban planning. Claus Lucas Letsch works for the Research Pilot (formerly known as “StadtLabor”) since May 2014, with a break of one year (October 2015 until September 2016).

Contact: claus.letsch(at)hcu-hamburg.de

Thomas Mensing

Research Associate

Thomas Mensing studied Geomatics at HafenCity University Hamburg. His area of concentration is Geoinformation Technology. Mensing's master's thesis was about designing and implementing web-based "Story Maps" (WebGIS) for the purpose of education. Since May 2016 he is research assistant at the City Science Lab@HCU.

Contact: thomas.mensing(at)hcu-hamburg.de 

Michael Koch

Experienced Researcher

Michael Koch is an architect and urban planner. Since 2004, he has been Professor for Urban Planning and Head of the Institute for Urban Development at the HCU. Before, he worked as Professor for Urban Development at the Department of Architecture at Bergische Universität Wuppertal and at TU Berlin as well as at various other universities in Switzerland.

His research and publications focus on urban planning, e.g., the morphology of cities, the relationship between transport infrastructures and settlement development, current problems of urbanized territories outside nucleated towns, and sustainable renovation of existing urban structures. He is joint partner of “yellow z urbanism architecture” in Zurich und Berlin; as a freelance planner, he realized residential as well as street renovation projects, won several competitions and is part of juries and advisory boards.

He is a member of diverse professional associations in Germany and Switzerland and member of the Deutsche Akademie für Städtebau und Landesplanung (DASL).

Contact: michael.koch(at)hcu-hamburg.de

Nina Pohler

Research Associate

Nina Pohler studied Socio-Economics and Sociology at Vienna University of Economics and Business (Mag.a) and Humboldt Universität zu Berlin (M.A). Her research interests include (Digital) Urban Studies, Organization Studies and Convention Theory. In her PhD project she studies practices in innovative and alternative organizations.

Contact: nina.pohler(at)hcu-hamburg.de

Nese Sezgin

Student Assistant

Nese Sezgin studies business administration and economic psychology (B.Sc.) at the Fachhochschule für Ökonomie & Management in Hamburg. After her instruction as a merchant for the wholesale trade, she worked at the marketing and promotion sector and successfully completed her training as a NLP & wingwave Coach. October 2018 to November 2019 she supported the CityScienceLab as a student assistant.

Contact: Nese.Sezgin(at)hcu-hamburg.de

Lukas Schaber

Student Assistant 

Lukas Schaber studied Geoinformation Management at the University of Applied Science Karlsruhe, where he graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science Degree. Since October 2015 he is studying the Geomatics Master program at HCU Hamburg. Lukas is working in the CityScienceLab since February 2016 and is writing his master thesis about the development and visualization of dynamic and interactive impact-models on CityScopes.

Contact: lukas.schaber(at)hcu-hamburg.de

Benedikt Schröter

Research Associate

Benedikt Schröter completed his vacational training as a construction assistant at Carl-Severing-Berufskolleg für Handwerk und Technik (Bielefeld). He studied civil engineering at the HafenCity University for four semesters before changing to the study program City Planning. As a student assistant he currently supports the EU project Cities-4-People.

Contact: Benedikt.Schroeter@hcu-hamburg.de

Benedikt Seitzer

Research Associate

Benedikt studied Geophysics (B.Sc. and M.Sc.) at Münster University. During his studies he did research in fluid dynamics, nonlinear physics and also gained first experiences in high-performance computing. As a research intern at the IGPP in San Diego in 2014, Benedikt did research in normal modes seismology. He worked in Geoinformatics for one and a half years before joining the CityScienceLab Team in April 2019.


Contact: Benedikt.Seitzer(at)hcu-hamburg.de

Marc-André Vollstedt

Research Associate

Marc has studied Computer Science (Bachelor of Computer Science) and Business Information Systems (Master of Science) at the University of Paderborn. During his studies as well as in private he already gained insight the area of metaheuristics, optimization and machine learning. After he has finished his studies he worked for around five years as an IT-Project Manager and Data Scientist at the Otto Group. Now he joined our CityScience Team as an data scientist, system architect and developer.  

Contact: marc.vollstedt(at)hcu-hamburg.de

Bonan Wei

Graphic Designer

Bonan Wei studied Communication Design at the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in Beijing (China) and University of Applied Sciences Mainz in Germany. Since April 2015, he is a PhD student and a guest researcher at the Lab for Geoinformatics and Geovisualization (g2lab) at the HafenCity University Hamburg.
His main research focus lies on UGI (Graphical User Interface) and user-centered presentation of geographic information for pedestrian orientation in combining indoor and outdoor environment. He has worked as an Art Director and Marketing Specialist for more than five years. Currently, he is working for the company SIS (Sign Information System) in Hamburg and is responsible for development of a Digital Wayfinding System.

Contact: bonan.wei(at)hcu-hamburg.de

Thorsten Werbeck

Student Assistant

Thorsten Werbeck is studying Urban Planning at HafenCity University Hamburg. In summer 2015 he obtained his Bachelor´s degree and is now pursuing his master studies. Before joining the City Science Lab in May 2016, he worked for an urban development company for more than three years. Additionally, he organizes guided architectural and urban planning walking tours in Hamburg.

Contact: thorsten.werbeck(at)hcu-hamburg.de

Lena Wilborn

Student Assistant

Lena Wilborn studies Metropolitan Culture at HafenCity University since October 2017. From February 2018 to October 2018 she worked as student assistant at the CityScienceLab and supported the CityScopeCruises Project. 



J. Ira Winder

Research Scientist

Ira leads the design and development of MIT CityScope, an initiative to create tangible, interactive, augmented reality decision-support systems for cities. CityScope is effectively a suite of hardware-software platforms with integrated analytics that facilitate multi-stakeholder collaboration. Ira's range of expertise includes Computer Science, Mathematical Modeling, City Planning, Architectural Design. He is a Master of City Planning (MIT, 2013) and Bachelor of Science and Design (MIT, 2010).

Contact: jiw(at)mit.edu