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The CityScienceLab

The CityScienceLab:

1. explores digital innovations and their impact on societyWe research on the interaction of cities and digitalisation, studying emerging urban challenges and proposing solutions.

2. employs digital tools in modelling and visualising urban scenarios

We build decision-support systems and develop participatory processes, thus enabling critical interpretation of data and supporting transparency.

3. uses and generates open data and embraces the principles of open-source software

We advocate for openness and accessibility of urban data, believing that these are pivotal in modern and digital democratic societies.

4. operates at the interface of social and technical sciences

We design and develop solutions to socio-spatial challenges while applying principles of critical research and reflecting on ethical issues.

5. facilitates dialogue between science, politics, civil society, and business on the local, national, and global levels

We collaborate with experts and create opportunities for the involvement of laypeople, promoting civic engagement in planning and the goals of ecological, economic, and social sustainability.