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recent Interviews with Gesa Ziemer

Das Tor zur urbanen Zukunft.

Der Podcast. Episode 1: The Resilient City

Gesa Ziemer envisions the future of cities, developing tolls and methods for digital city science at the CityScienceLab, Hamburg.

Listen to the podast (in German) at https://dastorzururbanenzukunft.podigee.io/


NDR Corona-Crisis: New Perspectives on City Planning

What should we learn from the current crisis. Julia-Niharika Sen talks to Gesa Ziemer, Professor for Cultural Theory and Cultural Practice and director of the CityScienceLab, Hamburg.

NDR https://www.ndr.de/fernsehen/sendungen/rund_um_den_michel/Corona-Krise-Stadtplanung-neu-denken,rundumdenmichel3098.html


How Covid-19 is changing our daily life

Home office and crowded bike lanes – the current pandemic has drastically changed our lives. How the crisis could bring changes in our workplace and work environment and thus change the dynamics in our cities.

Hamburg Journal https://www.ndr.de/fernsehen/sendungen/hamburg_journal/Wie-Corona-unseren-Alltag-langfristig-veraendert,hamj95910.html

lectures, conferences etc.

Due to COVID-19 alls our presentations and confernce visits are cancelled or postponed.

For updates please also visit our twitter account.