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The focus lies on the cooperation with the Media Lab of the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge / USA. The cooperation includes joint research projects and a regular scientific exchange. The Media Lab's partner is the City Science Group under the leadership of Kent Larson. 

"We are developing technology to understand and respond to human activity, environmental conditions, and market dynamics. We are interested in finding optimal combinations of automated systems, just-in-time information for personal control, and interfaces to persuade people to adopt sustainable behaviors.” (MIT CityScience Group)

Digital city models (CityScopes) are an important tool in the work of the CityScience Group. These tools are also refinded by the CityScienceLab and applied in research projects. 

The CityScienceLab is constantly striving to expand its network of potential partners by inviting representatives of politics, science and industry from different countries and by participating in conferences worldwide. In this way, a first dialogue is initiated that can lead to new cooperations in the long term. Our partners from science, business and politics are located on the map. In addition, visited cities by the CSL team and places from which delegations travelled to the CSL are marked for the purposes of networking.