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The CityScienceLab is a collaboration with the Media Lab of the renowned Massachussetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge (USA). The collaboration includes, among other things, joint research projects and regular exchanges of scientists. One partner at the Media Lab is the Changing Places Group (head: Kent Larson), which has developed new tools and concepts for architecture and city planning. The CityScopes, invented by the group, are being further developed by CityScienceLab and adapted to specific tasks.

In addition, the CityScienceLab cooperates with various authorities of the city of Hamburg and municipal companies. Both large international firms as well as SMEs and start-ups are cooperation partners in various research projects.


The CityScienceLab processes projects in basic and application research, ranging from contract studies to comprehensive research and innovation initiatives with large project consortia. The following core competences are involved:

- Diagnostics of urban development processes with interactive city models (CityScopes)

- Design of urban cyberphysical systems and data platforms

- Visualization of complex urban information for decision support in planning

- Quantitative and qualitative data collection, relational databases and data analysis

- Design, implementation and validation of participatory processes in urban development

Single Formats

Innovation workshop (1 day)
Design Thinking, Urban Data Business Modeling

Consulting, commissioned studies (1-3 weeks)
Digital Participation, eCulture, Mobility

Innovation project (1-12 months)
CityScope site analyses, what-if scenarios

Research and innovation project (1 year minimum)
From basics to the product

Research initiatives (2-10 years)
Grand Challenges with international consortia


Contact persons

Gesa Ziemer
Jörg Rainer Noennig



HafenCity University Hamburg
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Überseeallee 16
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