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The Architecture Research Initiative is the open cooperation project of the professorships Architecture and City, Architecture and Landscape, Architecture and Art, Architecture and Experimental Design, which has been dedicated to artistic-scientific research in architecture at HafenCity University Hamburg since the beginning of 2018.


Open Call Workshop Series: Scientific-artistic Research in Architecture

As part of the research initiative, workshops on scientific-artistic research in architecture are planned and carried out together with doctoral students and research associates at the HCU. Based on current doctoral projects and research projects at the HCU, the workshops serve to discuss, test methods, and contents of scientific-artistic research together with external guests and members of the HCU. Guests and topics are proposed by doctoral students, researchers, and research associates and the workshops are designed and organized accordingly. 

Information about the previous workshops can be found here: Architecture Research Initiative

The workshops are planned as one-day events and are financially supported by the Architecture Research Initiative to the following extent:
● Travel and accommodation costs, and honorarium (250€) for two external guest lecturers

● If applicable, travel costs for external doctoral students / postdoc who present their research projects
● Catering for about 10-20 workshop participants
● Printing costs
● Material costs, if applicable
In the selection process, abstracts are collected that suggest a methodological and content-related focus for a workshop. The workshop will be organized and conducted by the contributors with the support of the Architecture Research Initiative. The results of the workshops will be documented and made available to the participants. 
The Open Call addresses doctoral students / researchers / research associates of the HCU who are conducting research in architecture and its connected fields. Concept abstracts can be submitted by individuals or as a joint proposal by two researchers.

The submitted abstracts should include the following information:
● Short presentation of the methodological and content focus of the scientific-artistic research / doctoral project in regard to the planned content / methodological focus of the workshop
● Elaboration and short description of the content/methodical focus for the workshop and its relevance for scientific-artistic research in architecture
● Proposal for two external guests and up to two additional doctoral candidates / postdoc; brief description of their work and relevance for the workshop
● Time schedule and agenda (draft)
● Proposed workshop date
Abstracts (max. 2 pages) can be submitted to sara.lusic(at)hcu-hamburg.de until the 5th of April 2020.


Sara Lusic-Alavanja
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin
Koordinatorin Forschungsinitiative Architektur

HafenCity Universität Hamburg 
Raum 2.110.1
Überseeallee 16
20457 Hamburg

040 42827 5452

Can Peter Grothmann

Studentische Hilfskraft

HafenCity Universität Hamburg
Raum 2.110.1
Überseeallee 16
20457 Hamburg