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The Architecture Research Initiative is the open cooperation project of the professorships Architecture and City, Architecture and Landscape, Architecture and Art, Architecture and Experimental Design, which has been dedicated to artistic-scientific research in architecture at HafenCity University Hamburg since the beginning of 2018.


HafenCity Lectures

Relations – Particular Cases and Situated Practices

The upcoming edition of the HafenCity Lectures Relations takes place under the title Particular Cases and Situated Practices. International architects and artists are invited to have a public conversation about one of their projects, with one project partner, be that a client, curator, or collaborator. The aim is to explore, from various perspectives, a specific project (a particular case) and the process of its development in relation to its urban, sociopolitical, historical, and cultural site. How is knowledge and a practice produced on site, situated in between diverse actors and agents, complex practical and conceptual frameworks? At four events, our guests discuss their work and their positions within a particular case. 

The event is supported by HafenCity Hamburg GmbH.

Thursday, November 21, 2019
6 pm, HafenCity University Mensa
Aristide Antonas with Hila Peleg
The Space of Texts

Wednesday, December 04, 2019
6 pm, HafenCity University Mensa
Francesco Isidori (Labics) with Natascia Frasson (City of Ferrara)
Palazzo dei Diamanti in Ferrara – Conservation or Renovation? 

Wednesday, December 18, 2019 
6 pm, HafenCity University Holcim Auditorium 
Morten Kabel (Copenhagenize) & Ole Schrøder (Tredje Natur)
Enghaveparken — A Copenhagen Approach to climate-proof the City

Wednesday, January 15, 2020 
6 pm, HafenCity University Mensa
Nicole Concordet with Louise Cortella 
Ensemble à Claveau – Apprendre Ensemble

Call for CA²RE+ (Dec 01, 2019) – Intensive Study Programme for Doctoral Candidates

Since September 2019 the HafenCity University is part of the Erasmus+ project CA²RE+ (Collective Evaluation of Design Driven Doctoral Research). The focus is on the supervision and promotion of creative, design-based, artistic promotions. A total of 9 European universities and 2 associations are involved in the project. At the HCU the program is lead by Prof. Matthias Ballestrem.

Intensive Study Programme for Doctoral Candidates in Trondheim, March 26–30, 2020

CA²RE+ is inviting their most enthusiastic doctoral candidates to submit their materials, following the CA²RE guidelines. Their submission by 1/12/2019 means that they accept the CA²RE+ conditions and that they apply for the CA²RE+ grant. The CA²RE+ consortium will select the first three eligible candidates from each CA²RE+ Consortium institution and seven candidates from any CA²RE+ Consortium institution, recurring to the abstract submission ranking. A reserve list will be created in the case of additional positively evaluated submissions.

The doctoral candidates from the CA²RE+ Consortium (LJUBLJANA, AARHUS, GHENT, BERLIN, MILANO, PORTO, HAMBURG, TRONDHEIM and DELFT) are invited to apply for the CA²RE+ opportunity with their submissions, following the CA²RE guidelines by 1/12/2019.

CA2RE+ conditions

The minimum eligible CA²RE+ participation is 5 full days, 26/3/2020 to 30/3/2020, excluding travel days (meaning: you need to arrive any time on 25/3/2020 and you can plan your departure after 15.00 on 30/3/2020) + contribution to the CA²RE+ database of evaluated materials (delivering digital files of the presentation and of any other document presented at the meeting, licensed under [(CC) BY-NCSA])

Obligations of the participant

• Presentation of doctoral work-in-progress in Trondheim;

• Active participation in the discussions and summary sessions in Trondheim;

• Feedback about the impact of the Intensive Study Programme activity;

• Submission of the presentation/publication/exhibition materials, following the instructions of the CA²RE+ contact at your institution;

• Submission of the travel documentation to the faculty.



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Studentische Hilfskraft

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