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The Architecture Research Initiative is the open cooperation project of the professorships Architecture and City, Architecture and Landscape, Architecture and Art, Architecture and Experimental Design, which has been dedicated to artistic-scientific research in architecture at HafenCity University Hamburg since the beginning of 2018.


Methodology in Research by Art or Design

Methodology in Research by Art or Design
Public lectures by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Prominski & Prof. Dr. Michael Hohl
HafenCity Universität Hamburg
November 27th, 2020
1–3 pm

The event took place online on Zoom.

As part of the  workshop Methodology in Research by Art or Design Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Prominski & Prof. Dr. Michael Hohl will hold two public lectures with a focus on current practices, methods, and research processes in applied research.

The aim of Methodology in Research by Art or Design is to focus on the methodological issues of ­researching by design and art. It is directed to researchers within the architecture and landscape architecture field, who employ the act of designing or artistic expression (conducted by the researcher or by other involved actors such as­ ­artists, design experts, architects or by students) as an essential ­component of their research.

The workshop program on scientific-artistic research is part conducted by the ­architecture research initiative, founded in 2018 as an open cooperation project at the HafenCity University of Hamburg.

Katarina Bajc
Research associate and doctoral student, Chair for ­Architecture and Landscape, Prof. Antje Stokman

Marie Ulber, PhD
Postdoctoral researcher, Chair for Architecture and Art, ­Prof. Dr. Mona Mahall

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November 27th, 2020
1–7 pm
HafenCity Universität & online on Zoom

Call for Participants

The workshop focuses on the methodological issues of ­researching by design and art. It is directed to researchers within the architecture and landscape architecture field, who employ the act of designing or artistic expression (conducted by the researcher or by other involved actors such as­ ­artists, design experts, architects or by students) as an essential ­component of their research.

The goal of the workshop is to test and peer-review how the applied research methods are compatible with the developed contents of each individual research and why these methods are appropriate for each respective research question. Further we will examine what kind of research structure needs to be set for each specific methodology of scientific-artistic research. Main concern of the workshop will be to review various ­possible methods which employ design processes and design or art works and position them within the scientific-artistic research approach. The relevant questions for the workshop are: How does research where artistic practice or designing is employed as a method fulfill commonly accepted standards of scientific rigor? Which steps, phases and clarifications are ­necessary in the design and structuring of such research ­project? How do data collecting, data evaluation strategies and finally ­formation of new knowledge methodologically take place in such research practices?

Two lectures on current practices, methods and research processes in applied research offer initial orientation in the workshop. Subsequently, participants will present their ­methodological approaches in small groups for joint ­discussion. Open questions and reflections on their own research approach are very welcome and will be responded.

Guest Lectures 
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Prominski, Chair of department for ­Designing Urban Landscapes, Leibniz Universität Hannover

Prof. Dr. Michael Hohl, Professor for Design Theory and ­Research, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences

A short abstract (200 words) about the goal and research ­question of your doctoral thesis or research project, discribing your work process and the steps taken to achieve your research goal, as well as the type of research material you are dealing with and how you handle it. 

Deadline: November 9th, 2020; to: katarina.bajc@hcu-hamburg.de 

Katarina Bajc, Research associate and doctoral student, Chair for ­Architecture and Landscape, Prof. Antje Stokman

Marie Ulber, PhD, Postdoctoral researcher, Chair for Architecture and Art, ­Prof. Dr. Mona Mahall



Since September 2019 the HafenCity University is part of the Erasmus+ project CA²RE+ (Collective Evaluation of Design Driven Doctoral Research). CA²RE is a joint platform for research in all fields of architecture, design and arts, and supports early-career researchers and PhD students to improve the quality of their research within the realm of Design Driven Research. At the HCU the program is lead by Prof. Matthias Ballestrem

The 8th CA²RE conference together with the 3rd CA²RE+ event series is promoted by the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies (DAStU) and the PhD Program in Architectural, Urban and Interior Design of Politecnico di Milano. The main topic of the event is COMPARISON. The focus will narrow by comparing design strategies and tactics applied to highlight common approaches and methodological recursions.

The Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership CA²RE+ develops a collective learning environment through Evaluation of Design Driven Doctoral Training. Design Driven Doctoral research (DDDr) is taken as a multidisciplinary example of an experiential learning-through-evaluation model, appropriate for identification and promoting relevance of research singularity, its transparency and recognition, to award excellence in doctoral training for creative and culturally rooted solutions of contemporary design driven developments.

The CA²RE+ Strategic Partnership of 11 outstanding HE organisations and associations from 8 EU countries is running for 3 years. Its backbone is a series of biannual international and intercultural INTENSIVE STUDY PROGRAMMES for doctoral candidates, guided by experienced evaluators from participating universities and invited experts. The doctoral work-in-progress of 27 DDDr candidates (24 from abroad, 3 from the host) is evaluated by 18 experienced evaluators (16 / abroad, 2 / host) through presentations, performances, exhibitions and critical discussions, following the iterative CA²RE development steps: observation, sharing, comparison, reflection, reformulation and recommendation. To introduce new experts with lower evaluation experience into the process, JOINT STAFF TRAINING is developed at each venue. The CA²RE+ Strategic Partnership builds on the experience of the CA²RE community and its biannual Conferences on Artistic and Architectural Research since Autumn 2016, organized in association with ARENA (Architectural Research European Network Association), EAAE and ELIA. The Ghent CA²RE represents the first CA²RE+ event, where the Erasmus+ financial support can be provided for 3 candidates from each of the CA²RE+ participating higher education institution: the University of Ljubljana (LJUBLJANA), the Aarhus School of Architecture (AARHUS), the KU Leuven (GHENT), the Politecnico di Milano (MILANO), the TU Berlin (BERLIN), the COFAC - Lusofona University (PORTO), the Hafencity University Hamburg (HAMBURG), the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (TRONDHEIM) and the TU Delft (DELFT). EAAE and ELIA are CA2RE+ full partners as well. The associate partnership includes the CA²RE participants.


The doctoral candidates from the CA²RE+ Consortium (LJUBLJANA, AARHUS, GHENT, BERLIN, MILANO, PORTO, HAMBURG, TRONDHEIM and DELFT) are invited to apply for the CA²RE+ opportunity with their submissions, following the guidelines by 04/09/2020. External doctoral candidates are invited to apply also for joining the Milano online event. Selected contributions will be part of the online Proceedings publication (with ISBN) published by Politecnico di Milano.

CA²RE+ conditions

Due to the uncertain conditions of travel limitations, the conference will be online. The selected participants must attend the 3 full days conference (28/10/2020 to 30/10/2020) + contribution to the CA²RE+ database of evaluated materials (delivering digital files of the presentation and of any other document presented at the meeting, licensed under [(CC) BY-NC-SA]). The accepted applicants get free access to the CA²RE+ event and (except in the case of the staff from the host)

Obligations of the participant:

• Presentation of doctoral work-in-progress in Milano;

• Active participation in the discussions and summary sessions in Milano;

• Feedback about the impact of the Intensive Study Programme activity;

• Submission of the presentation/publication/exhibition materials, following the instructions of the CA²RE+ contact at your institution;


We are inviting our most enthusiastic doctoral candidates to submit their materials, following the CA²RE+ guidelines. Their submission by 04/09/2020 means that they accept the CA²RE+ conditions and that they apply for the CA²RE+ event. The CA²RE+ consortium will select the first three eligible candidates from each CA²RE+ Consortium institution and seven candidates from any

CA²RE+ Consortium institution, recurring to the abstract submission ranking. A reserve list will be created in the case of additional positively evaluated submissions.

Further information & Open Call (direct download)

About CA²RE+

Contact at the HCU
Prof. Matthias Ballestrem | Architektur und experimentelles Entwerfen
Tel.: +49 (0)40 42827-5091
Room 2 110.1


Sara Lusic-Alavanja
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