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Dipl. Geogr. Johannes Dreher


HCU Hamburg 
Urban and Regional Economics

Überseeallee 16
D-20457 Hamburg

5th Floor | Room 5046
Phone: +49(0)40/42827-4046
Email: johannes.dreher(at)hcu-hamburg.de

Large-Scale Projects as Innovation Drivers in the Construction Industry
Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg, Landesforschungsförderung
| Anschubförderung, 2017-2010
Prof. Dr. Gernot Grabher (speaker), Dr. Joachim Thiel (coordinator), Prof. Dr. Monika Grubbauer, Prof. Dr. Annette Bögle (all HCU Hamburg), Prof. Dr. Cornelius Herstatt, Dr. Stephan Buse (TU Hamburg-Harburg)

Star architecture and its role for re-positioning small and medium sized cities
German Research Foundation, 2015-2017
Alain Thierstein, Nadia Alaily-Mattar, Johannes Dreher

Articles in peer reviewed journals

Alaily-Mattar, N.; Bartmanski, D.; Dreher, J.; Koch, M.; Löw, M., Pape, T.; Thierstein, A. (2018): Situating architectural performance: ‘Star architecture’ and its roles in repositioning the cities of Graz, Lucerne and Wolfsburg. In: European Planning Studies 26, 9, 1874-1900.

Alaily-Mattar, N.; Dreher, J.; Thierstein, A. (2018): Repositioning cities through star architecture: how does it work? In: Journal of Urban Design 23,2, 169-192.

Dreher, J.; Alaily-Mattar, N.; Thierstein, A. (2020): Star architecture projects. The assessment of spatial economic effects by means of a spatial incidence analysis. In: Raumforschung und Raumordnung | Spatial Research and Planning 78,5.

Books and book chapters

Alaily-Mattar, N.; Dreher, J.; Wenner, F.; Thierstein, A. (2018): Public real estate development projects and urban transformation: the case of flagship projects. In: Heurkens E.; Peiser, R.; Squires, G. (eds): Companion to Real Estate Development. Routledge: Abingdon and New York, 43-55.

Dreher, J.; Alaily-Mattar, N.; Thierstein, A. (2020): The Power of Star Architecture and Iconic Design: Kunsthaus Graz, Austria. In: Lindsay, G. (ed.): Museum as Icon, Museum as Place: Architecture and Audience, Meanings and Messages. Routledge: New York, 23-42.

Dreher, J.; Alaily-Mattar, N.; Thierstein, A. (2020): The multifarious effects of star architecture: The case of the Kunsthaus Graz. In Alaily-Mattar, N.; Ponzini, D.; Thierstein, A. (eds.): About Star Architecture. Springer International Publishing: Cham, 153-168.

Thierstein, A.; Alaily-Mattar, N.; Dreher, J. (2020):  Star architecture´s interplays and effects on cities. In: Alaily-Mattar, N.; Ponzini, D.; Thierstein, A. (eds.): About Star Architecture. Reflecting on Cities in Europe, edited by Alaily-Mattar, D Ponzini, A. Thierstein. Springer International Publishing: Cham, 45-54.

since 2017 | Research Associate in project "Large-Scale Projects as Innovation Drivers in the Construction Industry" funded by Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg, Landesforschungsförderung

2015-2017 | Research Associate at Chair of Urban Development | Technical University of Munich 

2013-2015 | Research Analyst by CBRE GmbH | Frankfurt Main

2013 | Lecturer in medical documentation | University of Gießen

2004-2012 | Diploma in Geography | Studying Geography, Social Science and Urban Planning| Goethe-University of Frankfurt (Main) and Philipps-University of Marburg