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Structure and Teaching Content

The Master of Science program consists of four semesters and is consecutively based on the Bachelor's degree (or comparable degrees) course.

One focus of the Master's degree program is project and design work. A quarter of the study is estimated for this work in small groups. The aim of the project work is the independent, deepening, interdisciplinary elaboration of content and "researching learning". The project contents have a problem-, practice-, process- and action-related reference to the space-relevant questions.

In addition to all the relevant subject areas of the Urban Planning, there are also individual possibilities for improvement. A wide selection of core and cavity modules is available. In addition, this individuality can be achieved by selecting the project and draft themes as well as the topic selection of the thesis.

Masterthesis concludes the course. This thesis is an independent scientific work. The Master's degree is the prerequisite for a further scientific qualification (doctorate).

This course of studies is intended to ensure that new, more market-oriented individual specializations are possible, just like the classical, comprehensive and deepening planner training.