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Information about borrowing tablet computers from the HCU library

The HCU library borrows tablets to HCU students. Available are 10 Samsung Galaxy Note, partly equipped with S Pen. Availability can be checked online.


Notes on use

  • The loan period is four weeks, with a maximum of three renewals. The renewal is withdrawn as soon as another person reserves the tablet. The borrowed tablets are listed in the library account like other borrowed media.
  • The loan is for HCU students only. No more than one tablet can be borrowed per person.
  • Depending on availability (linked to search in OPAC via retrieval sign hcutablet) the tablets can be borrowed during our service hours (linked) directly at the service desk by presenting the HCU card.
  • The loan includes a power supply unit with charging cable in a case.
  • To avoid damage to the devices, only the original charging cables provided may be used for all device types.
  • The tablets are lent in delivery condition. This means that you have to activate and configure the tablet yourself. For the installation of additional apps from the Google Play Store, it is consequently necessary to connect the tablet with a new or already existing account at Google. This step can be skipped if no additional apps are desired.
  • For on-site use, Eduroam must be set up for each loan.
  • Before returning the tablet, back up your data elsewhere and delete all personal data - the best way to do this is to reset the tablet to its delivery state.
  • The return must be made in person during our service hours.
  • The terms of use of the HCU library and the usage regulations for information and communication processing systems apply accordingly to tablet lending. Please note, therefore, that fees will also be charged for tablet borrowing if the loan period is exceeded and that you will be held liable in the event of damage or loss.

Set up eduroam with the tablets

In order to be able to use the internet with the tablets, it is necessary to set up eduroam on the tablets. You can find instructions on the IT pages.

Reset tablet to delivery state

We ask you to reset the tablet to the delivery state before returning it. This will delete your personal data.



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