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Shibboleth is a method that can be used for different web services and web applications for the purpose of authentication and authorization.

Shibboleth at the HCU library

Shibboleth enables access to the licensed electronic resources (databases, e-journals, e-books) from outside without having to install the VPN client Cisco first.

How can I use Shibboleth?

If you end up on a publisher's site during a search, look for a login option. Some providers also direct you immediately to a login page. Then it is important that you log in per institution. To do this, select "Institutional Login" or "Login via Shibboleth". 

Usually you can now select the institution "HafenCity University of Hamburg" from a list or search for it. In some cases, the home region "German Higher Education (DFN-AAI)" must first be selected and then the institution can be searched for. 

Once you have selected the institution, you can log in with your HCU ID (hxy123) and your password.

What data is transmitted to the providers when registering?

In general, the data transmitted with Shibboleth is covered by data protection. No information about your person is given. The provider only receives the information that you belong to HCU Hamburg and are therefore authorised to access the content purchased from HCU Hamburg. The first time you visit a provider site that supports Shibboleth, you must agree to the terms of use once. You only need to enter your HCU ID after starting a new browser session and the first time you call up a service that supports Shibboleth.

Who can use Shibboleth?

Shibboleth can be used by HCU members (students and employees). For login you need your HCU ID and password.

Are all electronic resources accessible via Shibboleth?

Not all licensed electronic resources are available via Shibboleth yet. Here you can see which providers already support Shibboleth. For all other licensed products you have to use the VPN client for access from outside.

Do I have to use Shibboleth even when I'm in the HCU?

As soon as you are in the HCU and connected to the HCU network or HCU-WLAN via a PC or other terminal device, registration is not necessary. You can access all licensed electronic resources of the HCU Library without registration.