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Books and essays

Where can I find books and essays?

The easiest way is to search via the HCU literature search engine. There you will find the literature available at the HafenCiy Universität Hamburg (HCU). In addition, the search engine indexes the holdings of other Hambug academic libraries and supra-regional libraries as well as arictles from various databases.

Your literature search is completed with a search in subject databases, which often contain full texts in addition to references. The licenced databases are accessible in the HCU network and also externally for students and employees of the HCU.

> to the databases

How do I find the book in the library?

You can find the book on the shelf using the shelfmarked displayed in the literature seach engine.

For e-books, click on the URL to get to the book.

Book not found? Contact us, we will be happy to help!

> I am looking for the library's latest books and e-books

How can I search for the e-book only?

Use the filters in the literature search engine

- Enter search terms
- under "Sort & filter" select "eBook" for the format

> How can I read e-books from home?

> Overview of larger e-book collections

What do I do if I can't find the book or e-book I'm looking for in the HCU library?

Expand your search to the holdings of Hamburg's academic libraries or even to national library collections.

As a student and employee of the HCU, you receive a library card free of charge at Hamburg's state universities and can use their holdings.

To expand your search, click on "library" under "Sort & filter"

The title you are looking for is not available in Hamburg?

Titles that are not available in Hamburg libraries can be ordered via interlibrary loan from other libraries in Germany to the HCU library.

> This is how interlibrary loan works

> The book belongs in the HCU! Make a proposal of purchase


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The library offers advisory services, crash courses, coffee lectures and workshops on various topics.


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