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FAQ on library operation during closing time

My loan period ends in the closing time. What next?

We have extended all loan periods that are within the closing time of the HCU. You can view the new loan periods at any time in your library account.

Can I return books during the closure time?

As the HCU is closed, a return is not possible at the moment. However, you will not be charged for this: We have extended all loan periods that fall within the HCU's closing time. 

Can I currently reserve books?

Yes, but please note that you can pick-up the book not before the HCU is open again.

Will reserved books be reserved for me until the reopening?


I received a return request before closing. What should I do?

Please return the book immediately after reopening. If this is not possible for you, please contact us by e-mail in time.

During the closing period there are no additional fees for late returns. Fees incurred before the closing time will remain in effect.

My library membership has expired. Can it be extended during the closing time?

Since no borrowing is currently possible, we ask you to renew your membership after reopening.
Exception: HCU members and students can also send us the scanned documents by email.

Can I order books via interlibrary loan?

No. Currently all libraries have closed and are reducing their services. Therefore the interlibrary loan option has been deactivated in the union catalogue (GVK).

Can I work in other libraries and borrow books?

No, all libraries are currently closed to prevent the further spread of COVID-19 ("Coronavirus"). Orders from other libraries are also currently not possible.

Do you know the "Virtual-Walk-in" service of the State and University Library (SUB) and of the University Library of TUHH (tub.)? You can find more details and further hints in the SUB's blog or the tub's website.

Are acquisition proposals processed?

Yes. Please note that you can pick-up the book not before the HCU is open again. Where campus licenses are available, we currently give preference to licensing e-books in order to make literature available to everyone at any time and from any place.

What information can I research via the library although the library is closed?

At the moment there is only access to the freely accessible information (Open Access) and - for HCU members - to the licensed e-media (e-books, e-journals, databases).

Use the filter "online" to limit your search in the literature search engine with "yes".

It is still possible to search for DIN standards or other fact databases.

Under Learning & Working you will find information on off-campus access for HCU employees.

As an HCU employee, how can I still use the consultation hours for Open Science, literature research and citavi?

Please understand that we currently only answer your questions by e-mail.

My question is not answered here. Can I reach the library team even when the library is closed?

The best way to contact us is by email via our function addresses. In this way we ensure that your questions can be answered even when someone is absent or in home office.