Dear international HCU students and Ph.D. candidates,

If you would like to get to know Germany from another perspective, our cooperations partner Experiement e.V. offers you this opportunity (with financial support from the office of foreign affairs) through a stay with a German host family.

This program gives you the chance to experience the German culture, meet new friends and to improve your language skills. Every year at Easter, during the summer, the fall and for Christmas, German families are opening their homes and their hearts to international students. In the past, this program has been valued by the students, as well as the host families.

The host families are located all over Germany and you may specify your wishes on where you would like to be placed (there are no guarantees however).


The FAS Program offers you the opportunity to spend two weeks with a family once throughout your studies in Germany. “Family” can mean: a younger or older couple with young or grownup children, single mother or father, as well as singles. The families are located throughout all of Germany.



The host family is interested in you personally and in the country you are from. The family would like to learn about your culture, traditions and lifestyle, therefore you are seen as an ambassador for your country. Since you are being welcomed as a family member, your host family would like you to be open and actively involved in the family life.



The cost of the program is 40.00€. All other expenses, incl. travel costs, (except personal expenses) are coved by Experiment e.V., with the support of the office of foreign affairs.



There are 4 time frames of two weeks:

  1. Christmas holidays
  2. Easter
  3. Summer holidays
  4. Fall

The exact dates can be obtained from your contact person or at a local branch.



To be placed in a family, you need:

-         registration form with a photo (3 times)

-         proof of enrollment

-         fee of 40.00€

-         proof of valid health insurance

Applications are due 6 weeks before the planned stay. This time is required by us, to look through your documents and to find a family for you.


If you have questions, please contact Experiment e.V. directly.

Frau Johanna König
Gluckstraße 1
53115 Bonn
Fon: +49 (0)228 95 72 20
Fax: +49 (0)228 35 82 82