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PhD Projects in Urban and Regional Economics

Current Projects

Alice Melchior, Berlin/Hamburg (contact)
Form an idea to a creative product - Practices of valuation in the pharmaceutical field

In the past, novel ideas and innovations were reliable driving forces behind pharmaceutical advances and thus integral factors in the pharmaceutical field. However, the increasing development time and costs together with a declining success rate are challenging the industry. To handle these difficulties, big pharmaceutical companies are changing their strategies to a more open process of knowledge creation.The number of innovative partnerships and joint research, and development projects increase as a result of this strategic shift, whereby the number of potential ideas rise. The assessment of opportunities and identification of the most profitable ideas pose essential challenges for big companies. On the other hand, the idea owner needs to reinforce his idea to distinguish themselves and gain visibility in the field. I propose to investigate the key challenges connected to the assessment of innovations and guide my research by the following question: Which norms and practices are developed by the actors to organize the process of valuation in the pharmaceutical field? This main issue will be approached by answering three sub questions: a) Which norms are consulted to determine the value? b) Which practices of organizing value are used by the actors? c) Which structures and forums are created and used by actors in the negotiation of value? The ongoing dissertation seeks to cut across the assumption that value is predictable. Furthermore, the main issue is to understand value assessment as a process of interactions, in which actors use different norms, practices, and structures to organize and negotiate the value of ideas.

previous projects

Niloufar Vadiati, Hamburg (contact)
Post-impacts of mega events on community mobilization: assessing the legacy building of the London Olympic Games 2012, connected to social inclusion of the Muslim community in East London

Hugues Jeannerat, Neuchâtel (contact)
Production and consumption in territorial innovations models: entering through market construction

Bettina Lelong, Aachen (contact)
Shifting Urban Development Paradigms: Network Analysis of Rotterdam and Hamburg

Melanie Fasche, Berlin (contact)
Making Value: Contemporary Art, Careers and Place