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Johanna Fleischer M.A.

Johanna Fleischer

Johanna Fleischer is a sociologist and fashion designer. She completed her design studies in 2010 at the École supérieure des arts et techniques de la mode Berlin (ESMOD Berlin). After graduation she started to study Science and Technology Studies at Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin). Furthermore, she worked as a teacher for handicrafts and social studies at a comprehensive school, where she participated in the restructuring of the school to an inclusive concept. In 2020 she graduated at TU Berlin with a Master’s degree in sociology, specialized on public participation in cities and the formation of urban public spaces. Since 2020 she has been working as a research assistant and lecturer at the interface of the City Science Lab in cooperation with the MIT (CSL) and the study program Metropolitan Culture at Hafen City Universität Hamburg (HCU), with a focus on digitization in cities.


Office hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Consultation hours: Tuesday 14-16 o'clock

Registration by mail: Please indicate which phone number or video software (Skype, Zoom, etc.) you can use.

Contact: johanna.fleischer(at)hcu-hamburg.de

Forschung und Lehre

Ethnografic research in cities of digital societies

Johanna Fleischer

Our cities have long since become hybrid spaces in which analog practices and digital signs permanently interpenetrate. Urban action is characterized by the interweaving of analog and digital movements, by a constant translation between online and offline dynamics. Often the power of data remains abstract, reveals itself only fleetingly or hidden. But how do networks, digital devices and algorithms penetrate and change the city (body)? Which digital practices and structures become visible in urban space and how? In Urban Laboratory I, various situations and phenomena of the digital city, body and space are ethnographically analyzed and depicted in individual and group works.

Gewoba Preis

Johanna Fleischer wurde für ihre Masterarbeit "Wie kommt Vielfalt in die Stadt? Eine qualitative Studie zur Bildung heterogener Gemeinschaften durch die soziale Arbeit im Quartier! mit dem Gewoba Preis ausgezeichnet.