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Programme resources

IMZ (Information and Media Centre) and Metropolitan Culture:

From library to equipment-lending:

The location at Überseeallee offers students of “Metropolitan Culture” an extensive academic infrastructure.

Information and Media Centre (IMZ): 
The library carries a wide range of literature from the area of Urban Planning as well as a constant growing stock of Social- and Cultural Sciences works. In the Cartography section the students can find digital and historical maps. The It-section contains a computerpool (PC-room) and the IT-assistance, who supports you with general technical questions. Students have the possibility to lend equipment such as reflex cameras, digital compact cameras, sound recordings, camcorders, slide projector, beamer or notebooks.

Metropolitan Culture:

Besides the facility range offered by the IMZ, the course itself offers a broad equipment of audio-visual media-technololy which is geared to the needs of the course contents. As for example in soundscape research, professional sound recorders and microphones are used. The same applies to the video documentation area: students have the possibility to use simple camcorders as well as professional camera equipment in cutting-rooms. All information about the equipment and rental can be found here.