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Online study guide

This online study guide (only in German) is supposed to help you to find out if the program Geodesy and Geoinformatics is the right one for you. Decide for yourself if you can imagine to study at our university.

Arbeitsplatz Erde - Workplace Earth

Geodesy is at home everywhere: far away at the latest point on earth. Just in front of our house. In every building. And in locations where nobody knows that they are really existing. It is the same for geodesists too. Who knows what they are really doing a whole day long? Yes? No? Go ahead and see more.


MINT-Studium & Studienerfolg

Planen Sie ein Geodäsie und Geoinformatik-Studium? Mit dem MINTFIT Mathetest prüfen Sie Ihre Mathematikkenntnisse in 2 x 45 Minuten.