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M.Sc. Stadtplanung | Seminar | 2 SWS | Wahlfach | Dienstag, 14:15 - 15:45

Cities in Global Networks

The fortified walls once surrounding our cities have long ago been torn down. And yet, cities still are often perceived as insular sites and as clearly demarcated entities. Cities are apprehended through their emblematic places and landmark buildings; their rise and decline is attributed to the strengths (or weakness) of their local economy and the skillfulness (or incompetence) of their local community and business leaders.

This course takes issue with the insular and localistic perception of cities. It seeks to systematically explore how cities are enmeshed in multiple socio-economic, political and cultural networks. The entanglement in globalized networks, to be sure, is not a privilege of a few elite global cities. Rather the “networked city” turned reality for places of diverse sizes and socio-economic formations.


  • Globalization: New phase or just more of the same?
  • Mobility: A new form of sociality?
  • Space of Flows: Cities as nodes?
  • Global Production Networks: Beyond the wrong dichotomy of local and global?


  • Cities in Financial Networks
  • Cities in Culture and Media Networks
  • Cities in Event Networks
  • Cities in Traffic and Shipping Networks
  • Cities in Policy Networks
  • Cities in Criminal Networks
  • Cities in Migration networks