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Architektur und Kunst



Dr. Mona Mahall 

E-Mail: mona.mahall@hcu-hamburg.de
Tel.: +49 (0)40 42827-5091

Raum 2.110.1



Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter*innen


MA(Arch) Daniel Springer

E-Mail: daniel.springer(at)hcu-hamburg.de


PhD Marie Ulber

E-Mail: marie.ulber(at)hcu-hamburg.de



Master Thesis

Open Studio

Open Studio is a project class in which students are given a structured time to explore and develop their own architectural ideas and processes. In regular gatherings all participants come together to discuss their work with other students, faculty, and guests. A series of presentations, lectures and other inputs will be given during the semester to support individual and collective development.


WS20/21 Expanding Design: Habitat

The seminar "Expanding Design: Habitat" questions various aspects surrounding the notion of HABITATS in architecture; from personal HABITS (How do we live? How do we want to live?) to the diversity of HABITATS (How does the context inform our buildings? How does the environment influence architecture?) and finally the practice of INHABITING (How do we occupy space? How should we occupy space? How would we like to occupy space?).

SS20 Expanding Design: Interior

The seminar "Expanding Design: INTERIOR" focuses conceptually on the broad notion of the interior in architectural and artistic thinking (what does the interior mean in relation to its container? What does the interior show or not show/hide? How does the exterior relate to the interior? How can we turn things inside-out?). Through the idea of transgressing boundaries, the seminar proposes artistic design-thinking by turning the inside-out.

WS19/20 Experimental Ground: Los Angeles

The seminar "Experimental Ground: Los Angeles" sets out to study the US West Coast City Los Angeles by focusing on its contemporary architecture and artistic environment. In the seminar, students use the method of artistic research by gathering knowledge through various media and experiment with their findings through applied design and artistic thinking. The seminar is structured around three different fields of depth: Ecology, Artifact and Manipulation.

WS 19/20 "Work in Progress"

The seminar "Work in Progress" is a block seminar organized around a series of three lectures and additional workshops by invited professionals from the broad field of architecture. Thematically, the focus of the seminar centers around the following questions: What are current the methods young architectural practices, collectives, curators and artists are using today in order to establish their practice and discourse? How does their methodological approach influence the discourse in general and our view on architecture and the architectural practice today? How does it also change or expand the field of architecture? 



Ongoing Dissertations:

Sara Lusic–Alavanja: 
Belgrade New Wave – Architecture and Art of the 1980's.

Yelta Köm: 
Data, Surveillance, Architecture.

Miljana Nikovic: 
Belgrade on Screens: Visions of Continuous Discontinuities.

Pietro Quattropani:
The Concept of Copy in Arts and its Application in Architectural Projects. Rebuilding proposal of Villa Deliella in Palermo.

Daniel Springer:
Los Angeles: Fragments of Four Ecologies.

Misal Adnan Yildiz: 
Green Environments for Contemporary Displays / Curating with/in Nature.