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Application Procedure REAP Master

As the REAP master programme starts only in winter semester, there is no intake for the summer semester.

The application deadline for the following winter semester is always July 1st.

Applicants with a non-German University Degree have to apply via UniAssist in the first step of the application. The UniAssist platform will usually be opend from approx. february (due to changes end of March 2015) for the following winter semester.

You can find a summary of the whole application procedure here. Please check also the detailed description of the procedure on the following pages of the HCU student services:



Applicants with a German University Degree do not have to apply via Uni Assist, they can apply directly at HCU through the HCU online platform AHOI which will be open from June 1st until July 1st.
Please scroll down to the Second Step / Application via the HCU online platform ahoi and find information about the application procedure.

Applicants with a Non-German University Degree

The application procedure for applicants with a non-German university degree is assessed in a two-stage process.

First Step: Application via Uni Assist

Uni Assist will check your documents and certificates for HafenCity University.

Please follow these steps:

1. Create an account and register online at Uni Assist - choose REAP programme at HCU.

2. Submit all the required documents as officially certified copies and with certified translations by post to Uni Assist

 - School-leaving report (high school diploma)

 - If available: Report of University Entrance Exam

 - Transcript of records of your previous/bachelors studies

 - Certificate of your first academic/bachelors degree
If you are still completing your first academic degree and are unable to submit a certificate or diploma, please submit a (certified) copy of your transcript of records with your grade point average instead. You final certificate / diploma must be submitted as soon as you receive it, at the end of the first semester of the masters programme at the latest (in case of acceptance)

 - Proof of English Language skills according to the REAP language requirements

HafenCity Universität
REAP Master
c/o uni-assist e.V.
Geneststraße 5

D-10829 Berlin

You can also upload the scanned documents in addition for a pre-check, but you have to send all documents as officially certified copies by post.Please do not submit originals.
Do also not forget to pay the Uni Assist processing fee, otherwise your application will not proceed.

Due to the processing time, we recommend you to apply at least in the middle of may for the following wintersemester at Uni Assist. In this case, Uni Assist has sufficient time to check your application documents regarding missing parts or mistakes. During the peak month of June and July, Uni Assist cannot guarantee that information about missing documents will reach you in time.

Applicants with a Non-German AND with a German University Degree

Second Step: Application via the HCU online application platform ahoi

In this step of the application

- second step for applicants with Non-German university degree; first step for applicants with German university degree - 

you have to submit an online application at HafenCity University directly.

The online application platform ahoi will be available during the online registration period between June 1st and July 1st of each year.

You have to create an online account, to enter your data and to submit your application electronically.

Please print your online application after submission and sign it.

Submit the printed and signed online application form together with the documents that are listed on this REAP Check-List as simple copies by post to HafenCity University within the application deadline.

Send everything by post to

HafenCity University Hamburg
- Application REAP Master -

Überseeallee 16

20457 Hamburg

You can also find information about the application procedure on these pages: